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inXile and Unity Partnering in a Crowdsourced Experiment

Get your 3D model in Wasteland® 2 and make money in the process! Each week on this page, we will be putting up concept art to be turned into 3D models for our game. By opening up the creative procedure behind our art asset creation, we are able to work with you to increase the overall game experience for everyone. This experiment allows us to focus our internal team onto elements that directly impact the gameplay of Wasteland® 2. Follow the steps below to get your creation featured in our game.

Submission Notes

  1. Download and read our Art Style Guide to get a sense of the Wasteland® 2 visual style. (link here)
  2. Check this site weekly for the gallery of art assets we are currently looking for. Pick one (or more if you’re quick!) that you’d like to work on.
  3. Spend the week creating the asset and try it out in our Unity test scene available for download (link here).
    • This test scene will give you a sense of how it looks under our lighting and from our approximate camera view.
    • If you don't already have the free version of Unity, grab it here.
  4. Submit it to the Unity Asset Store as you would normally, but make sure to clearly put "hold for inXile entertainment" in the description.
    • Unity will send us all accepted assets and we will select the best ones for our game.
  5. If yours is selected, we will pay you for the asset and you will receive a special "As seen is Wasteland 2" badge to place on your icon in the Unity Asset Store.
    • You will also be credited in the Wasteland® 2 game for your contribution (not to mention the satisfaction of showing this off to all your friends!).
    • Please keep pricing in line with the normally accepted range in the Asset Store. Entries will be rejected if the price is too high.
  6. Whether or not your asset is selected by the Wasteland® 2 team, it will be available for purchase in the Unity Asset Store by any other developers using Unity.

Batch 4 - Please submit by April 30th 2013

So I suppose I should start this announcement with an apology. It has been some time since we announced a new batch, but I assure you it is not out of malice or lethargy. Rather, we were attempting to hold off in an effort include these requests as part of a larger GDC announcement by another company. Alas, that did not come to fruition as you may be aware. However, I am hopeful that despite the non-starter, the new feature will still move forward. I have every expectation that your efforts on these first few batches have provided enormous amounts of food for thought on how the thing should work, so thank you for your patience. But I digress, please accept our sincerest apology and bear with us a bit longer.

And so, I present... Batch 4! Here you will find a few old friends, assets we received some excellent submittal for, but the artists really would love to have even more variety of these frequently used props. Additionally, we are requesting our first "tile set" meshes. For those of you with prior tile set creation experience, you should feel pretty comfortable with the seed file we are providing. It is very basic, the building blocks we use for our larger tile set assemblies. For those of you that have never attempted a tile set, please bear in mind that snapping these along our 8x8M grid in Unity3D is critical, so that seams between mesh to mesh should be exacting. I am happy to provide specific advice on this front should you have any questions on how or why we are using these dimensions. The seed file is meant to be crude and nondescript, but if you are familiar with our released videos, you know that you have seen iterations in action. Of course, due to the nature of this more complicated asset, compensation is expected to be a bit higher. Expectations on quality are equally higher since they are so predominant in our scenes.

Tile Set Dimensions (.txt)

Tile Set Seed File (.unitypackage 481k)

Please refer to our Terms of Service and License Agreement for more information.

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