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We are proud to announce the fan funded development of the Wasteland 2 project is live on Kickstarter! Ultimately it will be up to the supporters on whether the long awaited sequel to Wasteland gets made. I encourage you to get involved and spread the word by tweeting and promoting this wherever you can…. Let’s get this done!

Help make this game 100% Fan-Funded, tell others:

34 thoughts on “Kickstarter Project

  1. Man, I loved this game back in the day. Wizardry, Bard’s Tale, Might and Magic, the Gold Box series, all classics that built off one another and created a foundation for all RPG’s today. Wasteland specifically was the first well known title in the genre to have a harder edge, “mature” underlying theme ( I can still remember the ads in CGW!).

    The innovation of that era is sorely missed today. I can’t wait to see the results of all the work you have put into bringing this IP back!

  2. This is indeed an epic forum/thread. I was so outright furious when Fallout 3 changed the looks of the series and kept hoping they will change their mind. Now it’s payback time for me :)

    An avid Fallout 1 and 2 player (finished these games and especially Fallout 2 like 15 times with no exaggeration) hails to the Devs

  3. fallout 2 was the best rpg ever !

    and all I need is a World Map … with tons of random encounters … and the fullfilling of an old dream : the random encounter with an randomly created Bunker … and
    if i could make my way throug the wastelands again like fallout 1 + 2 … that would be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking NICE !

  4. Hello Wasteland-Team or Brian Fargo,
    I just read about Wasteland 2 and goodamnit I am to late and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. I would have donated 100 $ in order to get a collector’s edition so please tell me that it is possible to still donate even though kickstarter donation has stopped. I am the biggest Fallout fan out here … at least that’s how I feel . Thank you for Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 , they are one of my favourite games ever .
    Best regards

    • Hi,

      I have the exact same question as above and below.

      I tried Tweeting Brian Fargo the same question but received no response. The next day he Tweeted a link to where you can pre-order the game but I dunno if that was in response to mine and others’ question.

      I think these guys are great and its gonna take a lot to change that opinion. But, I am a little bit disappointed that this question hasn’t had a response considering Brian Fargo talks in depth how much he listens to and cares about their fans..

    • Same as above :D

      I’ve done the pre order through pay pal today but wish I could have found out about kickstarter earlier. I still play fallout 2 every couple of months I get re-addicted to it. I’m also a die hard Jagged Alliance fan and so so so Glad you are keeping the turn based tactical combat and not Destroying this sequel as has happened with the JA series in modern times.

      Thanks so much for keeping true to the vision and making this happen. Just wish there was a way to turn back the clock and get my doomsday preparation survival kit.

  5. Hi there. I’ve seen your kickstarter campaign today… but now it’s too late for me and it’s over. First of all: congrats for your phenomenal kickstarter result!
    I have one question: is it possible, that I could still give you some money via paypal to get one of these rewards? This would be really great!!! Best wishes, Hannes

    • Exact same comment… Now awakening from a long post-apocalytic winter and just too late to contribute to my most awaited project since Fallout 2. And I need my doomsday preparation survival kit for next winter!


        Seriously though, is it too late for me to give you my money?

  6. Hy, i was wondering about the engine of the game, have you given it any thought ? I wanted to suggest unigine, they also had (dunno if they do still) a freee giveaway of theyr engine to a few selected companies. Besides with unigine you can release the game for both windows and linux and that would really be a blow in gaming (linux at least). Also, if that is not what you planned, but you could consider it for the linux user on “” the price seems to be 30 000 usd, how about asking the linux comunity to contribute so you guys can have this engine for the game. I’m sure we all will (yes i use linux :) ).

  7. I am one of those without a credit card, but I don’t want to bother with getting a temporary card and remodel it and stuff. Isn’t it possible that you open a bank account, let all those people who want to back a bit without bothering too much pay in on that account and then use this account to back up the kickstarter thing? Maybe every 3 days or so?
    I think there are many people who think like me… Or is there a legal problem with that?

  8. Hope our money will help to bring great game to the market.
    Unfortunatelly modern RPGs not so fascinating as Wasteland and Fallout were.

    BTW, is isometric view (like Van Buren had) planned?
    I think most of fans will like it a lot.

  9. While this is great on so many levels, I don’t think “the new generation of players” can like such an old school game.

    The adventure game by Double Fine will be a modern take on “2D” adventure games, and 2D doesn’t mean old. Actually 2D is so close to anime that the graphics can be “impressive” depending on the art style. The gameplay will be smoother. It can appeal to both old and new comers.

    I’m not sure that the “Fallout 3″ crowd will like the top down view turned base RPG. They want “roaming”, they want gore, they want to shoot at stuff… Probably why no editor wanted to make it live without changing its core components.

    And the mature gamers already are waiting for this incredible sequel !

    And they are the ones financing the project ! So we don’t care :p .

    • I hear ya, had to laugh in the vid when the publisher was like “lets change it to a first person shooter” and I was like “EVERY BLOODY GAME IS A FIRST PERSON SHOOTER” I want to look down on my squad, give them orders, plan my attack…. not spray and pray and run round hiding behind cover like a loon ;/

    • I wouldn’t be so sure! These are strange times, I mean, no one thought that this game was gonna see production anytime soon, if ever. Maybe there’s even more, maybe the combination of the old school gameplay, fancy yet isometricish graphics and the hype of a new, dynamic and really cool game can catch the attention of even the most unexpected players.

      Also, there are tons of kids growing up these days who get their hands on computers, kids are very receptive to just about everything. And yeah, I know this will be a bloody mess of a game, but I sure as hell played Wolfenstein 3D when I was 5 years old anyway…

    • Wait a second the gore in the original fallout series was awesome! I hope that the gore animations improve and increase in types (i.e. if someone is crippled, I want to see a leg at a funny angle), of course there should be a dial in the settings to tone it down for the more mousy amongst us.

    • I happen to be in the Fallout 3 Crowd and will be going back to play Wasteland, Fallout, and Fallout 2. I think that knowing the background of a series can really help the immersion into the world. Also I do have to say that I disagree with the idea that FO:3 players are just in it for the gore and cover based shooting the VATS system really gives a great variety to the playstyles by allowing you to pause and select your attacks for best effect. Anyway I’ll be throwing my $20 down for the DRM-free Digital Download because Wasteland 2 sounds like a great game with a wonderful old-school feel.

  10. I’m new to the Wasteland games and was wondering on what this game and its first game is gonna be like. I know that the Fallout series took from this and i LOVE playing Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas and was wondering if this will be somewhat like those games or will it go back to its original idea and be a sequel to the first Wasteland Game and will it be for the PC ONLY or will it go to the PS3/PS4, Wii/Wii U, and Xbox 360/Xbox 720? (Whichever game consoles comes out when this game comes out as well)

    • If you “LOVE” playing F3/FNV, go and get yourself Wasteland, then Fallout 1 and 2. If you LOVE them, then impatiently wait for Wasteland 2 ;)


      • I was going to reply with something negative when you said you loved fallout 3… but lets hope you check out fallout 1-2, icewind, baldurs, torment ect.. ect… atm looking for a copy of wastelands 1 just to get back into the swing of things… been a decade or so since I walked the wastelands (still play fallout 2+mods) ;D ;/

    • I don’t think this game suits the consoles since it’s meant to be mouse-controlled, issuing orders to your squad. But yeah, if you liked Fallout 3, New Vegas and can handle a bit of a more tactical and non-FPSish gameplay than those games, you’ll love it!

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