I tend to get the same questions on Twitter and I thought it better to set up a link with FAQ than to either ignore the questions or answer them repeatedly. I will expand the answers here as I see trends.

Q. Is it true that you invented Pong, fought in the MMA and once found a sunken treasure?
A. Boy if I had nickel every time I got this question. I certainly used my allowance on Pong, fought publishers like I was in the MMA and dug my yard up looking for gold but it sadly isn’t true.

Q. Can I play Wasteland 1 somehow?
A. EA controls the right to the original Wastealnd game so I cannot offer it by itself, however I have recently struck a reasonable deal with them to allow me to include it as part of Wasteland 2.

Q. Will the Android version of Bard’s Tale contain the original trilogy?
A. YES! They will not all be available at launch but will come out sequentially for no extra charge. Long live the Bard!

Q. Is Wasteland 2 going to be turn based? Will it have humor? etc
A. I created a vision document that goes into much detail discussing the sensibilites of the game. Please download it here and read it. It gives great insight as to how I approach game development.

Q. What formats is Wasteland 2 coming out on and when?
A. We are in production on a PC, Linux and Mac version and are scheduled to come out in late 2013. We have no plans yet for console or tablet as we are staying very focused on getting all production materials complete. We can consider other formats later but this is just not something we want to take up any of our bandwidth thinking about.


- Brian Fargo

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  1. Is there going to be a version that doesn’t require steam to use ? I can not use steam due to only being able to get internet via satellite and it doesn’t play well with steam.

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    • Anon – In all honesty I caonnt say what “black polished” means. The only thing that I can think of between the difference is that the leather could come natural (almost white-ish in color) and then at the Church’s factory, they put their own finish on it to maybe give it a patina type look. Black calf would be leather that has been tanned and dyed at the tannery and comes black already. That would be my guess…and as I am not sure, I unfortunately caonnt say much more since I don’t want to give you any false information. But I look at this and think that it’s just fancy wording that Church’s may use to set themselves apart….-Justin

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  9. Will InXile Entertainment allow Let’s Play videos of Wasteland 2 on Youtube or claim copyrights banning or profiting from the videos created with Wasteland 2 game content in them? I am asking because I was planning on making a Let’s play with game commentary included or a first look at the game with a game review.

  10. OMG I hope we really do get Wasteland 1 as an add in bonus. It slipped under my radar when I was younger as I was too busy getting my rear handed to me by the Bard’s Tale trilogy :-) . Speaking of, Bard’s Tale 3 was the FIRST computer rpg i had ever beaten! Ah, memories. Too bad it’s only going to be on IOS and Android :-( . I’d love to be able to play them on PC again for nostalgia. I saw pics of Wasteland and it reminded me of another old school end-of-the-world rpg by SSI – Roadwar 2000. I LOVED that game. Dang i’m jonesing BAD to play some of this stuff now :-(

    • Remember when it was a BIG deal to finish a game like Bard’s Tale or Might and Magic, Zork, I could go on for a while.

      Most games now have meaningless achievements(I’m looking at you Steam) or completion percentages. Games used to be hard, now if we get 20hrs of play we are lucky.

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      • , e2809cIt could be but we arene28099t getnitg in there and they sure in the hell arene28099t getnitg out that is if there is anyone down there. With the new President and his budget cuts I honestly have no idea how far he cut and how deep he did it either. There could have been a skeleton crew down there or there could be a dozen people. Either way we still have to wait to hear something and unless we hear something in the next forty eight hours it wone28099t matter until we get settled again and hopefully we will have electricity when we get there.e2809dColt had come back in and was leaning on the kitchen door frame listening to both women, he had read the email over her shoulder and kept his mouth shut. e2809cBeth, you know you shouldne28099t have given our position away, havene28099t you ever seen the movies Resident Evil? The government is the enemy; they are the ones that started this. Why would we ask them for help? I done28099t understand why it would be anything to us if they cane28099t get out and we cane28099t get in. They wone28099t understand shit about whate28099s going on, on the surface. Ie28099m going to go let Alden know whate28099s going on, not so sure he will be happy.e2809d He headed to the back door and grinned over his shoulder, e2809cGood thing you told them we were going to Arizona, we changed that to New Mexico, remember?e2809dColt went to the backyard approaching Alden, e2809cWe need to talk e2809d He told Alden what had just happen in the kitchen and waited for his reaction. e2809cBut Alden, she is right about someone being there, someone has to keep those servers up and running. There is no way she could have gotten to the CDC without the servers. I know what I am talking about here, I am the one that was in I.T. I know about this side of things.e2809d Finally in his element he added, e2809cThe computer geeks arene28099t the only ones there either, to be honest if there werene28099t any that needed the access we wouldne28099t keep it running. Whate28099s more, the geeks know about the technology side of things, they wouldne28099t give a shit about what the access is needed for. So if she does get a reply, it wone28099t be from them, but someone else. If there is someone else we better start worrying.e2809dAlden had been splitting wood just to stay busy when Colt told him what was happening. Turning he threw the axe and it stuck in a tree with such force the handle was still vibrating. He turned and headed into the house, walking up to where Beth was sitting. He reached over and turned the laptop so he could read the message. His face showed that he was about to blow up. Taking a deep breath he started as he closed the lid and pulled the plug, e2809cFrom here on you will clear any type of messages you send to the outside world. The reason no one knows wee28099re alive is because we are and have been off the grid for weeks. Charlie and I have already seen what factions of the military are doing and at this point I done28099t trust one swinging dick in any Government run organization. Those folks may or may not have been your friends, but you sending information to them well you have no idea who is going to read that shit. If the grid is up even in limited mode, then we have to assume anything that runs on computers or GPS is now a danger to us. The soldiers we talked to back in that little town had told us the commander had gone rogue, Ie28099m fairly certain he wasne28099t the only one. Colte28099s our computer genius,e2809d Turning to Colt who had followed him back in, e2809cSo lete28099s ask him.e2809d He turned to Colt, e2809cLete28099s say the computers were up in say a GM plant and people had locked themselves in, could they use that Onstar shit to locate vehicles?e2809d Colt nodded, e2809cYes and also the same thing could be said for any Cell phone company or even any web browser. If someone wanted and knew how or had the right program and equipment they could track that air card right back to this very location using a system similar to GPS.e2809d Alden turned back to Beth, e2809cSo you see missy, you have compromised our whole little unit here. You need to think ahead now,e2809d Looking to the whole group standing there, e2809cYou all do. From here on no one is our friend, even when we got stopped back there I had 2 forty fives locked loaded and ready if things went bad. We trust no one especially anyone who is still acting within the Government rules and regulations, am I understood?e2809dBeth sat back with her arms folded in front of her taking all of the information that Alden was giving to her. She of course completely understood how she might have endangered them in a way but there were a few things earlier in his speech that caused her to file those words to the side of her brain and would think of a way to form them so that when she did come back at him she would not sound like a little butt hurt baby. No she knew what she had done but after he asked the question, e2809cAm I understood?e2809d Bethe28099s mind kicked into overdrive. Quickly she looked around at everyone looking at her. She slowly stood up and backed away from her laptop. Taking in a deep breath and slowly releasing it Beth placed her hands firmly on her hips and in an extremely calm tone she had some things that she too needed to get out in the open. e2809cAlden, I do UNDERSTAND that I may have compromised our position but Colt pointed out a point which he thought I did on purpose and I didne28099t. When I posted that we were going to Arizona then if those idiots that I USE to work for will be headed to that location and by the time that we are gone as long as my Dell stays turned off and powered down we will be long gone by the time they get here, that is IF they themselves want to get this far out because quite honestly Alden with the wanders out there a group of Special Forces no matter if they had thousands of droves wouldne28099t be able to get that far that quickly.e2809d Then Beth looked over to Charlie who was standing right beside Alden like the son that he was. Those two had been together since the very beginning and the one comment that Alden made in his speech came into play and Beth decided now was the perfect time to lay all of her cards down, e2809cBeth sat straight, glaring at Colt than to Alden. First off, I have no idea what you or Charlie saw.How could I possibly know that when you are the master of mistrust I know what my life was and let me be the first to inform you, not all of them are evil. MOST will want to help people that is if they can. Yes, there are bound to be assholes out there like we ran into back at camp but there are people out there like those soldiers we ran into at that little store when they said that it was every man for him self. They knew right where we were and they meant us no harm so I ask again to you Alden, why were you not honest with us about what you and Charlie saw with the helicopters?e2809d The room now was extremely quiet and Colt looked over to Beth then directly at Alden. Alden squared his shoulders, e2809cWe didne28099t tell you about the helicopters for the same reason you didne28099t tell us your part in this major fucking disaster. As far as how fast a Special Forces group can move well lete28099s just put it this way they can be anywhere in the world and in twenty four hours they can be anywhere else theye28099ve been ordered to go. Point being is we cannot now trust any government organization, or for that matter any corporation that has been in bed with them for years. Communication, transportation, medical, I could go on and on. As for assholes till I get to talk to them theye28099re all assholes. Beth I respect your college degrees and all that but when it comes to this its like the old commercial. A mechanic wouldne28099t try and perform brain surgery and a brain surgeon wouldne28099t try and replace a blown motor in his own car. You handle the medical and CDC stuff, Ie28099ll handle security and tactics and logistics.e2809dCeara stepped up quickly, e2809cOk time for breakfast!!! She wanted to calm everyone down, Alden was upset and Beth was ready to blow. She pulled out the bread machine and placed the dough in it, e2809cHey Alden how does this work?e2809d Alden walked over and hit a button, she smiled bigger than needed, e2809cWell that was easy wasne28099t it!e2809d Alden turned and walked out the back door, Ceara nodded to Charlie and he turned to go with Alden. Ceara started the stove, then taking out the bacon, e2809cHey we could have bacon biscuits, kind of.e2809d Tabitha smirked, e2809cGive it up Red, you aine28099t fixing this so easy.e2809d Ceara looked to Beth, e2809cBeth I know you did that to help, I would have done the same thing if I had a way to contact anyone, or anyone to contact. You are super smart about the CDC so if anyone knows about those people ite28099s you, but even you have to admit on military and how they act, Alden is our ace in the hole.e2809d Ceara looked to the back door then back to Beth, e2809cHe is trying to keep us alive and for some reason he thinks ite28099s all on him to do.e2809d Laying strips of bacon in the frying pan, she just stood there. She hated fighting and she could see both sides and both seemed right to her. As far as she was concerned both of them needed to learn to meet in the middle. The email Beth sent didne28099t seem bad to Ceara, why not find help if they could? She decided she would talk to Charlie and figure out why Alden was so upset. Beth picked up her Dell, unplugged it putting it all away, e2809cWell, I guess we will see what happens. I done28099t truly believe I put us in danger, I wouldne28099t do that.e2809d Ceara smiled, e2809cI know you wouldne28099t.e2809d Beth turned and left the kitchen. Colt looked from Tabitha to Ceara, e2809cI knew he would be upset but I didne28099t think he would be that mad.e2809d Ceara patted his arm, e2809cHe wasne28099t mad, really, he was concerned by the security breach. I wone28099t claim to understand it all, from either of them. I can see both sides so I guess that makes me totally stupid.e2809d Colt laughed, e2809cNo, I am right there with you, but I can see more of Aldene28099s side because of the computer stuff.e2809d Tabitha laid a few of the strips of bacon on the plate, e2809cWell you guys want my opinion on this?e2809d Ceara and Colt both looked to her and waited, e2809cI see it like this, Alden knows his shit and has got us this far but the man done28099t know the CDC and has no idea if the emails or . what is the computers that have the data Colt?e2809d e2809cServerse2809d e2809cYeah, thate280a6 he has no idea if they could be encrypted to the point that no one will know our position. But, with us not knowing that answer, then the less communications goes out the better.e2809d Colt grabbed a cup of coffee, e2809cTabitha, it doesn’t matter about the servers being encrypted if the laptop isne28099t, they will know in a matter of minutes.e2809d Tabitha shrugged, e2809cThen we are fucked either way so why fight over the shit?e2809dHeath had heard the fighting and turned and walked out. He had thought Beth was just simply a Doctor he had no idea she was as involved with the CDC. He knew that talking to Alden was not his best choice right now, that would fall to Colt, who Heath learned had been with Beth since the beginning. Sitting down on a stump he looked out to the wilderness. Thinking of all the stories he had heard from these people in the fireside chats, Beth and Colt had hooked up. Charlie and Alden had been together for a while too; the little dark haired girl Tabitha, kind of fell into the whole group like he had. Together they had survived and watched over each other against Zombies and humans. As he sat he felt more and more like an outsider trying to win them over. He could hear Alden back to splitting wood and could hear the voices in the cabin talking. Suddenly a hand landed on his shoulder and startled him. Heath jumped up grabbing at his knife when he realized it was Charlie. e2809cSorry I scared you mane2809d Charlie said with a grin. Heath let go of the knife, e2809cite28099s okay. So everybody cool back in there now?e2809d Charlie turned and looked at the Cabin then back to Heath, e2809cYea a little thing like that aine28099t going to break us up. Beth was just doing what Beth know how to do. Trying to get as much information on thise280a6 disease or whatever the hell it is so she knows how to fight it. Alden well Aldene28099s knows the Government and how underhanded they can be. He told me a story once where he and his team were basically dropped behind enemy lines, then when some reporter found out about it and the Government denied it and left them sitting there to fight their own way out. So he has his reasons.e2809d Heath sat back down on his stump and Charlie took the one next to him. Both were looking out at the beauty of the Ozark Mountains when Alden walked up. Taking a drink of water from a canteen he sighed, e2809cI used to love to sit on that porch and look at those mountains hoping that they would hold the rest of the world back and away from me.e2809d Taking another drink, e2809cWell that sure as hell aine28099t going to happen now. I can handle them coming after me, But now Ie28099m worried they will come after Beth. She was only doing what she thought was right but she doesne28099t know them fuckers like I do. Ie28099m afraid they’re going to come after her. None of knows how much or how deep she was into this thing. I done28099t think she was responsible in any way but I think she knows who may have been and that my friends makes her very valuable to those who think they are still in charge.e2809dHeath could smell the bacon and bread cooking in the kitchen. He stood up and stretched, e2809cIe28099m going to get something to eat and tell them all, todaye28099s lesson is still on.e2809d Walking into the kitchen he grabbed a couple of pieces of bacon and tore off a chunk of the fresh bread. Picking up a can a easy cheese he put some on the bread and placed the bacon on it and popped it in his mouth. Tabitha looked at him with a frown, e2809cEwww that looks just nasty,e2809d she said. Heath smiled as he refilled his cup and washed it down, e2809cDone28099t knock it till you try it. You see if you get separated from the group you may very well eat things that you normally wouldne28099t but it will keep you alive. Today lesson in survival will begin immediately after breakfast, out front.e2809d Heath picked up a one more piece of bread and walked out. Charlie had followed Heath in and watched what he did, e2809cLooking at the girls he smiled as he grabbed the can of cheese and the bacon and a chunk of bread. Ceara turned and looked at him, e2809cSeriously?e2809d Charlie smiled as he popped his sandwich in his mouth and chewed it up, e2809cYes seriously, you ought to try it. It wasne28099t that bad.e2809d Charlie walked over to the refrigerator and took out one of the jars of milk, shaking it first to get the cream mixed in, he then poured a glass and took a big gulp. As he put the glass down all three of the girls began to giggle, e2809cWhaaaat?e2809d He asked. Ceara smiled and pointed to her top lip, e2809cHoney you look like a little kid with your milkstashe.e2809d Charlie ran his sleeve across his upper lip as he blushed, e2809cHey it was good and cold.e2809d He refilled his own coffee cup and went back out the front door. As he got outside he walked over and let the cows and horses out of the trailer. Tying the horses up first he then took the cows over by the shed and got a stool and some mason jars that were in a wooden box. Setting a jar down he began to milk the first cow and ended up with five jars of fresh milk. He finished the second cow and had six more. Securing the lids he let the cows go roam and eat as he carried the fresh milk back in the cabin and placed them in the refrigerator. Smiling at Ceara who was just finishing up cooking the last of the bacon, e28098I gots my chores done MA,e2809d he smiled as she took a dish towel and tried to snap him with hit as he ran out the back.Ceara smiled as she put the cup towel back on the counter with the clean dishes, e2809cI think Beth is right about finding paper plates would be a good idea.e2809d She glanced out the back door and saw Tabitha and Colt were already out with Heath, e2809cI guess we should get out there, do you have any idea what he plans on teaching us?e2809d Charlie headed to the door, e2809cNot a clue. Should we go get Beth?e2809d Ceara glanced to the living room, e2809cHEY BETH, WE ARE HEADING OUT WITH HEATH. COME ON OUT WHEN YOU ARE READY!e2809d Turning back to Charlie, e2809cI think she is wanting to avoid Alden for a little while.e2809d They both headed out back, joining the rest. Ceara looked around, e2809cSoooo teacher, what are we learning?e2809d Heath turned and watched as they all seemed to gather around him. He looked at them and smiled, e2809cWell boys and girls have a seat on the ground,e2809d He laughed a little trying to break the ice. He saw a smile on Charliee28099s face along with Colt and Cearae28099s as they sat down. e2809cNow seriously lete28099s get started, Lesson one and Ie28099m sure you have all done this or you wouldne28099t be here now. That Lesson is; Do Not Panic; If you become separated from the group simply sit down and relax for a few minutes. You are not lost, you are simply where you are, We, the group is not lost, again we are simply where we are, that being not with you.e2809d He chuckled a bit, e2809cOnce you have relaxed your task is simple, that is to get where you are to where the group is. Remember I said simple, it may not be easy. In our situation the reason the group or you split up was because it was necessary for survival.e2809d Charlie yawned and Heath looked at him, e2809cAm I boring you?e2809d Charlie frowned, e2809cYeah little, I mean we all know what to do as far as staying calm, I need to know how to like figure out which way is North on a cloudy day, or what kind of berries wone28099t give me the galloping trots?e2809d Alden suddenly stepped up from out of nowhere. Charlie was the only one who didne28099t jump. Heath turned quickly, e28098WHERE THE HELL DID YOU COME FROM?e2809d Ceara moved back a few feet and was grabbing Charliee28099s arm, e2809cJESUS CHRIST ALDEN!!! WHAT THE HELL?e2809d Colt did a crab walk back towards the cabin simply yelling, e2809cFUCK!e2809d Alden grinned, e2809cLesson one, Expect the unexpected.e2809d Heath gathered his composure as the rest moved back into place. Alden took a small backpack off his shoulder and opened it. e2809cWhen everything went to hell I went shopping at my Local Army Post. One of the things I grabbed was as many knives as I could. A good knife will go a long way in a survival situation.e2809d Reaching into the bag he handed each one of them a brand new KA-BAR knife still in the box. e2809cThese were standard issue to almost every soldier back in Vietnam and they have been battle proven since World War Two. You take care of it and trust me it will take care of you.e2809d Alden picked the bag up, e2809cOkay Professor the floor is yours again.e2809d Heath picked up the box containing his knife and before Alden could leave he reached out to shake his hand, e2809cI done28099t know what to say. Ie28099ve always wanted one but never got around to buying one for myself. Thank You.e2809d Alden shook his hand and simply said, e2809cYoue28099re welcome.e2809d Then turned and went back around the cabin. Heath smiled then turned to the group. e2809cI know you all know about low fires, so I want you to build one. Then I want you take some of that water out of one of those old buckets sitting by the shed. I want you to get a pan and boil it till you think ite28099s safe to drink. I have a test kit when youe28099re finished.e2809d Heath turned and walked away to admire his new gift.Ceara looked to Charlie but he looked lost too, she glanced over to Tabitha and Colt and neither of them seemed to know either. Ceara took a deep breath, e2809cWell, we all know how to build a fire so we can do that, do we make one fire or four small ones?e2809d Tabitha went around looking to the woods, e2809cMy guess is we each build one, he wants to know what each of us knows. So see ya campers .e2809d She headed into the surrounding woods, Charlie smiled at Ceara, e2809cBet I get mine started before you do!e2809d Before Ceara could say a word, Heath hollered over, e2809cOh I forgot, no matches, and I will ask how it was started!e2809d Tabitha was easily heard cursing from the woods.Charlie shrugged, e2809cBet I still beat you.e2809d Ceara frowned, e2809cI aine28099t going to say anything, I have no clue how to do it without matches.e2809d The rest followed Tabitha, each gathering kindling and wood for a small fire.Within forty-five minutes everyone was back and Tabitha had her fire going, Ceara looked on amazed, e2809cHow did you do that?????e2809d Tabitha smirked, e2809cLighter, he didne28099t say not to use lighters!e2809d Ceara laughed, e2809cTOSS IT OVER HERE!!e2809d Charlie and Colt were both still working on getnitg their fires going as Tabitha threw the lighter to Ceara. Another ten minutes and Ceara had hers going too. She smiled over to Charlie, e2809cWhate28099s taking you so long over there?e2809d Charlie looked over surprised, e2809cHow the hell??e2809d Ceara got up brushing off her knees, e2809cTalent, you know what they say, you want it done right ask a woman.e2809d She waved over to Tabitha to show Charlie she had her fire going too. Charlie looked back down trying to get his going before Colt. Ceara headed over to the water, she stood trying to figure out how to get it over the fire. A medium sized stone caught her eye, grabbing it and putting it in the center of the fire. It didne28099t quite land like she had wanted but it would have to do. Ceara got a small pail full and set it on her rock in the fire. Stepping back she smiling till the pail fell over into the fire putting half of it out. e2809cSHIT!!e2809d She grabbed the pail and tossed off to the side, then worked the stone with a stick to level it out better. Once it was how she wanted Ceara built her fire around it again and went to get another pail of water.Charlie head gathered his stick but had some shavings off a cedar log that he has trying to get started by rubbing a stick on another one like hee28099d seen in the movie Castaway. His luck was failing almost as fast as his strength. Having tried he threw the stick down, e2809cFuck I aine28099t ever going to get this.e2809d He picked up his knife and was just playing with it when it fell and hit against a piece of metal. Seeing a small spark fly he grinned, e2809cHey Colt, come here.e2809d Colt wasne28099t having much luck with his fire either, so he decided to see what Charlie wanted. Charlie had gathered his shavings into a pile as Colt knelt down Charlie smiled, e2809cWatch this.e2809d He took his new knife and flicked a few times on the the metal on the third try a spark flew, landed on the shavings, smoldered and went out. Charlie had a system quickly and sparks were flying soon his fire was started. e2809cSee Colt simple.e2809d Colt smiled back he I got another idea. Getting up he went to the cabin and came back quickly holding his compass. Flipping it open he pulled the little magnifying lens out and held it so the sun hit it. Colt grinned, e2809cHey Charlie, check it out.e2809d Charlie looked up and saw Colte28099s little fire going and gave him a thumbs up. Charlie got up and went to his van and found one of the metal canteen cups Alden had used. He poured his water in then carried it back to his fire. Setting it down he now had to figure a way to heat the metal cup. Going to the shed he found two small iron bars, e2809cThese will work nicely.e2809d Setting them down next to his fire he spaced them just enough to set his cup on them and soon his water was steaming.Beth sat in the house looking out the window watching everyone with their survival test. She felt horrible about upsetting Alden but it was very true that there was a lot of things that she hadne28099t been totally honest about with her involvement with the CDC. True she had been employed with them for years and she did know how everything was ran before the new President made his notorious budget cuts. However, when she saw the picture of Alden and President Reagan she remembered the underground survival plan that was enforced by him just in case of a nuclear holocaust or something cataclysmic happening. Well, this was pretty cataclysmic and she just simply thought that if someone was down there that they could give her any information. Beth wasne28099t worried about the President coming after her because she was certain that he along with his cabinet was no longer living or no matter what they would have found some way to get word out to the citizens of the United States that he was still overseeing this whole mess. Then she thought about the government coming after her. Beth didne28099t hold much faith in that either because of what Cline said back at the small store when they had to go for supplies. Quite honestly she really wanted to have a sit down with Alden and discuss all of the information that she knew but she didne28099t know how to begin. Working for the CDC was not like working for Sears, Macye28099s or a local 7 Eleven. When youe28099re trained to keep your mouth shut then thate28099s what you do. Such things like the deep insides tactics of NORAD and AREA 51. Sure those things existed but if the citizens of the world knew the real truth of these, then ninety five percent of the population would commit suicide. Surprisingly some of these government forced suppressed memories came to the surface when Beth saw that picture. She so wanted to open up that laptop and check things out but after hearing what Colt said about his computer knowledge and the fact that the world as she knew it right now was pretty much gone, she did not know what to think so she just sat there on the couch for the longest time.Seeing Colt try his hardest along with Ceara and Charlie then Tabitha being Tabitha caused Beth to think about her family. She missed them so much and if she could have stopped this shit she would have. Now these people out there were her family and the new guy Heath was just that a new guy. She didne28099t really feel comfortable with him, but in the beginning no one really felt comfortable with anyone. Just then she giggled when she remembered trying to con Colt to give her a ride with the case of water that she had sat on the hood of his Rover. e2809cDamn ite2809d, she said quietly out loud. e2809cI done28099t know how to make this right but I got to talk to Alden and the rest of the group.e2809d Slowly she stood up and walked to the door, opened it and walked outside. Quietly she made her way over to one of the lawn chairs and sat down.Colt watched Beth walk outside and knew that meant she wanted to deal with things head on, e2809cThate28099s my girl!e2809d He smiled at her and waved to his fire, Beth gave him a thumbs up returning his smile. Turning back to his fire he had to decide on how to make water drinkable, he saw everyone else boiling theirs so he figured they must know how to do it. Colt jogged across the yard heading inside to find something to use. All the pans looked too big to use so he grabbed on of the mason jars off the cup towel. He got the water out of the barrel and went to his fire, he set in in the middle and waited for it to boil. Colt sat watching it pretty proud of himself as he saw bubbles form on the jar, it was going to work, it was about to boil. Five minutes later the water was starting to really boil, Colt looked over to Charlie, e2809cHey, how long does it need .e2809d A loud crack brought his attention back to his fire, his mason jar now sat in two pieces and his fire was all but out. e2809cWhat the hell?? I saw my mother can and she always used jars and put them in heat?e2809d Ceara laughed, e2809cColt, she didne28099t put them in a fire and she always placed them in water at low heat, right?e2809d Colt didne28099t want to hear it, he was pissed that it was one more thing he didne28099t do right. He glared at Ceara, e2809cCouldne28099t have shared that bit of info BEFORE I put it in the fire?e2809d Cearae28099s back straightened, e2809cDid you ask? NO! Did you let us know that you were going to use it? NO! Did you show us once you had it all set up? NO! You sat over there, once again trying to do everything alone, that isne28099t OUR fault! I didne28099t know you were using it till it broke and I looked over there.e2809d Colt looked to Charlie for help and he merely shrugged. Colt stood up kicking dirt on to the remains of his fire, e2809cWell at least I can tell Heath what not to use right?e2809d He tried to smile but it didne28099t reach his eyes.Beth saw the frustration in Colte28099s eyes as she sat there feeling sorry for him. It was becoming very relevant that tensions of surviving was just that e280a6 tense. Suddenly Beth remembered when things would get bothersome at work and her along with friends would either make fun of one another which she didne28099t think that would be a good idea. Or they would go out after work to relax and unwind. That is exactly what they all needed to do. To many emotions were running high and somehow they needed to be lowered. Beth quickly stood up while running her fingers through her hair. Slowly she walked over to Colt and seductively whispered in his ear, e2809cI bet you could get my fire started.e2809d Then she bent down and began trying the same thing that all of the others had been doing. e2809cYou see Colt . all you have to do is once you get a spark then you simply put your lips together and blow.e2809dTabitha snickered and looked over at Charlie who was turning three shades of red and by the look on Cearae28099s face it too was becoming the shade of her red hair. Tabitha knew what Beth was trying to do and she walked over to Ceara and whispered in her ear, e2809cRed, now relax ok? Shit here has been getnitg too serious and all Beth is trying to do is calm Colt down just as you tried to break the tension with making breakfast. Ceara looked over to Colt and then over to Heath, which his eyes were becoming wide with curiosity. Tabitha then walked over to help Beth as she squatted down right in front of Heath, e2809cYou mean something like this .e2809d Then between what Beth was doing with getnitg the first spark and Tabitha then blowing to cause a smoldering effect then a small flame both of the ladies had started a fire. Tabitha quickly jumped up and said, e2809cOk, whate28099s the next training tip cause Ie28099m done with this one?e2809d Heath was standing there with his hand in his pockets and smile on his face. None of them knew he had been watching the whole time, e2809cOkay now lete28099s check everybodye28099s work walking to Tabithae28099s first. e2809cWell now you fail.e2809d He kicked dirt on the fire, e2809cI said no matches; you used a lighter and guess what, that done28099t count either. Also you failed to get the water you were so happy with fire you forgot the second half.e2809d He turned to Cearae28099s fire. Her water was boiling nicely but after hearing what he said to Tabitha she knew hee28099d seen her too. She sat back on her knees and watched as Heath kicked her fire out and spilled her water. Looking down at her, e2809cfaile2809d he said quietly. He walked to Charlie who stood up. His fire was going good and his water had been boiling for about three minutes he took it off and smiled, e2809cIt should be good after it cools. I remember the sister had us do this every time they shut off the water and we had a boil order in effect.e2809d Heath smiled, e2809cYou passed.e2809d He turned to Colt you get a B for trying, remember now glass breaks over and open flame.e2809d Heath walked to the center, e2809cMake your fire and boil your water for one to three minutes depending on the altitude then let it cool. Boiling will kill any parasites or nastiness in the water. Now your next test will be to make a shelter. You can use whatever resources you can find out here; nothing from your packs or from inside the house. GO!e2809d He turned and walked away meeting up with Alden a few yards away the two stood and talked as the others stood looking at each other.As Heath walked up Alden had been standing near an overlook on his property he smiled at the young ranger, e2809cHell three weeks with me I could make you a decent drill sergeant.e2809d Heath chuckled, e2809cNaw, I done28099t think so. Ie28099m only Boy Scout mean.e2809d The two laughed, then Aldene28099s voice changed it was serious and quiet, e2809cDone28099t let on but look down there off the right of that big rock.e2809d Heath saw the rock then saw what Alden had seen. e2809cWanderers, damn it. How far off?e2809d Alden stood and watched, e2809cAbout 4 miles as the crow flies, closer to 15 by foot. They would have to work their way across that ridge over there if they decide to move this way. Ie28099ve been watching them for about a half hour they seem confused and are looking for a direction.e2809d Heath looked at the group of wanderers then back to their own little party, e2809cShould I tell them?e2809d Alden shook his head, e2809cNo, Ie28099ll tell them.e2809d Alden turned and walked over to the group which seemed to be discussing the best way to do the next task. e2809cI want to add a little spice to this party, your scenario from here on out is you all know there are wanderers about, so you must maintain noise discipline. In other words talk quietly and no yelling. Ie28099ll be grading you on this one.e2809d He turned and snapped his finger once and Tonto and Maximus were by his side. e2809cTonto, Stay, Guard.e2809d Tonto sat down with his head straight up. Alden looked at Maximus and petted his head, e2809cYoue28099re with me, come on boy ite28099s training time.e2809d Alden turned and walked away. Maximus was standing next to Tonto and looked at him then Alden. Tonto just sat and watched, then got up and pushed Maximus toward Alden with his nose and sat back down. Maximus looked at Tonto then to where Alden was walking away and ran after him slowing down as he reached his side. Alden reached down and petted him, e2809cGood Dog, Good Max.e2809d The two disappeared over the side of the hill.

  13. I came late to the party. I only recently realized that Wasteland 2 was to be a reality after almost 25 years of holding out hope. Since I missed the backer stage, will it still be possible to somehow get a boxed version? I still have my original C64 box from the first, and it would be nice to make it a pair.

    • Hey,

      I’m not sure if you visited the website’s Store yet, but if you donate 60$, you will receive the boxed version of Wasteland 2 and many other fancy goodies.


  14. Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the pictures on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

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