It’s about time!

It has been some time since I have posted a blog here and I apologize for the delay. I need to do a better job of communicating my thoughts and ideas as that is a part of the process I know people are interested in. I have been very focused on getting the first pass at all the writing complete by October. The thing that is most critical in creating a deep and re-playable experience is for us to have plenty of iteration time on the game. There is simply no substitute for allowing plenty of time for us to play the game over and over thus allowing us to hone in on the things that people are going try in the world. A wonderfully written script is not valuable if it is delivered too far into the development process. This game is going to be much deeper than most people realize and I will go out on a limb to say it is nearly impossible for two people to have the same experience playing through the game as there are so many nuanced decisions. The caliber of writing is very impressive and for those who wanted an M rated experience… you will be more than satisfied. We don’t pull any punches on the subject matters of a dark post apocalyptic world. My attitude is that if you going into a genre that has expectations then GO THERE.. all the way. It is for the same reasons I tend to love all the great shows and writing that I find on Showtime and HBO and find myself turned off by the material on network television. I don’t like to see pandering to a mass audience for my TV shows and I certainly won’t allow this game to soften up a rough world.

In addition to the benefits of creating better cause and effect it is also key in helping us understand what the asset list we are going to need. The map designs tell us everything about props, backgrounds, sound effects etc. Of course we are making progress on many fronts and I am especially excited at the ideas we are toying with in presenting the world map. So we will be working on a Kickstarter update in the next week that hits a variety of subjects including a write up by our technical director for those who want to dive deeper into our production thoughts.

Thanks again for all your fantastic support!

Brian Fargo

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25 thoughts on “It’s about time!

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  2. Best of luck! One of the things I thought was brilliant about the original Wasteland was that it was just as sarcastic as it was gritty, so you could see it alluding to everyday life in an over-the-top sort of way.

  3. Javier, I am sure the graphics will be passable, however it is using the Unity engine. I would hardly say that the graphics will be great.

  4. I wouldn’t expect a Wasteland game to be anything other than “M” in theme and overall story. However, I don’t think the game will be much fun for me personally if the violence is as graphic as I’m afraid you’re hinting at. I enjoy the nature of Wasteland’s story, but reading a violent description of something in text is a lot less disturbing than seeing it acted out. Please consider a “less gory” Option for those of us who like the setting but not vivid gore.


  5. take your time , no pressure from me, even if you finish this game in 2018
    and even if you send me a bad game , i ‘ll be forever thankfull to you for what you’ve done for all the videogame in your life.
    i just want you ,guyz, TRY to do the best wasteland/fallout like game ever and take pleasure to do this game.
    and take my money again if you need it ; )

    since double fine, inxile-e , and now obsidian , kickstarter make me cry every weeks!! happy cry indeed.

    thanks again , for trying to do a great Game ,
    i’m sure it will be very great.

    sorry for my english.

  6. No hurry :-)

    Thanks for the update i have been following, and backing Wasteland 2 since Kickstarter, and I am still as exicted about the projekt, and about Kickstarter, now im also following Projekt Eternity as well. Brian i really think you started something great here for the RPG genre and the gaming industry..

    a happy Danish RPG fan

  7. I cannot wait. I’ve played since the C64 days, and not a year goes by I don’t play it at least once. I have jocked Wasteland to everyone I know, even to this day. I SOMEHOW missed the Kickstarter and I feel like a complete jackass. This is a dream come true for me, and I feel like buying the game simply isn’t enough. Sorry Brian; I know this will be an amazing experience just like the original. I’m just crushed I can’t say I helped make it hapen. Best wishes and godspeed.

    • Well, they still take donations. Yours may be that one that inspires them to fix a superficial flaw 3 people care about, but that’s something.

  8. Very very excited. I love that Brian is committed to ensuring that Wasteland 2 is a proper sequel to Wasteland. Wasteland was such a formative game for me. All I ask is for an opportunity to save scum without needing to leave the drive doors open. :)

  9. If time spent off the radar is time spent productively building a better game for us, as it sounds like it has been, I’m all for it. I’m as excited as the day I made my pledge, and believe me, that’s plenty excited.

  10. Sounds great.

    I’m in the process of replaying the original Bards Tale (1985), having a lot of fun. Was glad to see it released on the iPad.

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  12. Whether or not most writers want to write mature and complex stories, few have the opportunity and power to publish them. So glad for the project and those involved, hope you’re all well!

  13. I believe this game can redeem the whole roleplaying scene, I truly do. It can alter a path that we’ve been steadily treading for the last decade.

  14. This is the way games are supposed to be made: without the dictates of the producers and publishers who want to pander to the masses, who interfere with the creative process with marketing strategies.

    You don’t have to please anyone except your own drive for excellence and are free to realize your vision. You are creating art. And I can’t wait.

  15. Yes this is the right kind of thinking:
    “The caliber of writing is very impressive and for those who wanted an M rated experience… you will be more than satisfied. We don’t pull any punches on the subject matters of a dark post apocalyptic world”

    actually that focusing on bard’s tale made me worry a little bit that you may somehow get soften but it is good that you have enlighten us!
    tnx for this update

  16. Nice Update !

    I’m getting so amazed every time I read something from you Brian, the Game sounds beautiful & just the way we want it to be.

    I am, honestly, in the position where THAT Game, in my opinion, is going to bring me back to the so much missed : Amazing Old’School Games.
    Plus ! Post-Apocalyptic Genre… Can’t wait, Fans supports you !

    Keep it up !
    (Sorry for Bad English if any…:p)

  17. I love what I’m hearing about the writing, depth, and maturity. “More than satisfied” on the M rating … ha ha, I hope that means it will meet my expectations of grown-up subjects and then go even further to make me kind of uncomfortable.

  18. Wow this just gets better and better! Could you guys share some of the little things that will make this second Wasteland game so unique? I can already see you guys will have vehicles, but we’ll be able to organize the party inside the vehicle as well?

    Like having one in a truck’s turret, another on the back, etc? It will be something never done before on this type of games!

    And if we can customize the look of our vehicles, that would be HEAVEN! Like having one of the enemies all tied on the front of the truck, or maybe the colors to the sides to represent the party colors!

    Oh boy, I can’t wait to play this! Mature content, good story, great graphics, everything fits perfectly into what you guys promised so far!

    Man! What can we do to hurry the process! **grabs voodoo doll**


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