Early Screen Shot and Website News

It has been just over a month since my last update and we have been making progress on many fronts. The designers are all working at full steam and generating a wonderfully diverse set of ideas that are well written, nuanced, original, and sometimes creepy. There will be no lack of originality and deep game play in Wasteland 2. The team has risen to the challenge of making a rich world that will capture a post apocalyptic atmosphere and provide a unique experience for each player that dives in.

We are nearly complete with our backer web site which will consolidate our backer database with Kickstarter and PayPal and allow backers to upgrade their tiers or more easily change such things as shipping information. A soft launch is imminent and then we will roll it out for all.

We also have our first pass at a Wasteland 2 screen shot to share that is running inside the Unity engine. The process up till now has been in getting up to speed with Unity but also much discussion about look and feel. Our environment art director Koy Vanoteghem has written a nice piece below on our approach and process.

Releasing a screen shot this early in the process is a new concept for me as we typically want to hone in every element before we show it. But based on the requests and our desire for fan input, we are doing so to solicit feedback on the basic look. Please keep in mind that we have not put in the particle effects and post-processing which will have a dramatic effect on the scene, and this represents just one of the various environments for Wasteland 2 so expect to see other quite different locales. Also, this particular camera angle is on the low end of a range that the player can adjust upwards to a much more top-down view, for those who prefer that style during game play.

I am frequently on twitter sharing my thoughts, soliciting opinions on various subjects and highlighting interesting projects and technology. You can follow me at @brianfargo if you want to stay tuned into such things.

Again I thank you for allowing us to create this game the way it was meant to me made. We’re going to make you all proud.

Brian Fargo

Wasteland 2 Development Screenshot

See the full size image on our Facebook page at facebook.com/Ranger.HQ or imgur.

In our effort to establish the appropriate look and feel for the re-launch of the Wasteland franchise, we sifted through a variety of media types available on the market for inspiration. Among all of the similarly natured games, CG film shorts, and various documentaries, it became increasingly clear that the modern day conception of a post-apocalyptic world has diversified.

Of course, the desert-oriented wasteland devoid of life was still there. But a newer and more compelling version which highlighted nature’s reclamation of vacated places took hold of our attention. This new conception gives us the opportunity to generate a variety of environment types while staying true to the narrative. It also allows the location and geology to dictate the flora and fauna, as well as the manner and state of decay. From the dry deserts and icy mountaintops of Arizona to the coastal conditions of LA and larger southern California region, each region generates its own flavor. You saw a bit of this in our early concept pieces we had commissioned. Because the early part of the game, where our development is currently focused, takes place in Arizona, this first screen shot depicts (surprise) a desert scene.

As we moved into prototyping game-play scenarios and in-game environments, we wanted to keep in mind the long-term strategies we had been talking about in the press. With our small team structure and the expectation of a significant integration of contractor and fan/backer based assets, we wanted to consider the efforts that would be involved in synthesizing those contributions into a consistent style and theme. The Unity engine has this wonderfully integrated asset store, full of props, environment sets, FX and tools, and it seemed the perfect proving grounds for our first pass at this new approach of game environment creation.

Certainly, purchased or prefabricated assets are nothing new; a variety of sites are out there selling “game-ready” props, and like most developers, we are familiar with that opportunity. But Unity’s Asset Store had a few distinct advantages that we found appealing. The store, being accessible from within the editor itself, along with the purchase, downloading and importing of those packages, made this surprisingly painless. Packages containing not only the models and textures, but also materials, particle attachments, and animations were ready to use and then modify immediately upon purchase. And so our goal was to purchase a variety of packages, modify them to suit our stylistic needs, and put together a scene by combining them with assets and textures generated in-house.

The big exception to all of this is of course characters, which we are developing primarily in house. RPGs have always generated strong relationships between the player and the characters they craft and breathe life into as the game progresses. And to this end, we will be working to create characters that can be read cleanly with our camera angles. Strong silhouettes and bold colors in costuming and accessories, and their animations and poses working with a camera angle (that is still being tested), seemed a tall order for this approach, and so in this shot a few examples of that effort are present.

We will continue to develop the style and look of the game, undoubtedly that is something that will evolve as we move forward and branch out with other environment types. As we become more familiar with our new found friend Unity, and the technologies that are available to us for lighting, shadowing, and material set-up/execution, we hope you’ll enjoy seeing it evolve along with us.

Koy Vanoteghem

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    • One warning to Brian Fargo that you will get quite a backlash from the PC Gamer community if this turns into a “funded by PC gamers for Console and Mobile Gamers” project.

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  6. I’m as nostalgic as anyone else.
    But I have to say; That’s the ugliest “art development direction” I have ever seen in my life, and I’m OLD. This is the year 2012, make a game that squeezes every ounce of a modern computer, in both processing power and graphics.

    I understand that it’s beta and all, but between THIS and the poor choice of the UNITY engine(Because it’s easier), I’m starting to get worried.

    • There definitelly should be more updates. There was a video released, why isn’t it posted here?
      It seems that Inxile’s efforts are concentrated on BardsTale for mobile etc., I hope it doesn’t influence W2.

  7. Here’s what an old geezer thinks.
    At first glance I immediatly loved it. Simply because it reminds me of the old days and the obvious fake that they had. Engines back then couldn’t handle anything else. And this familiarity has its charmes. But the new generations are acustomed to somethig else, which is cool too. It is all about choice.
    If these people want to create an old school game, then that is there prerogative. As I understood it, they want to shy away from this fps merchandise that rpg’s seem to have become and thank god for that! Partybased adventure? No-one complained about it when Baldur’s gate and Torment where around, as well as fallout. So why should this suddenly be a problem? Is it because people have gotten so used to these shooters?
    Me personally, I just loved FO3. That first shot walking out of that vault was just awesome and yes this bleak, dark feel with its dread and loneliness, is just what most people expect from post apocalypse. Of course from a scientific point of view, it is absolute horseshit. 200 y after the bomb and you still have radioactive fallout? No plants? Unattended buildings still standing around? Cars… the list goes on. So from that perspective this lively look seems more realistic.
    So what should it be? For me an RPG should be about story and immersion. Suspension of disbelief is everything. If I don’t by it, why should i care. And here is where I come back to choice.
    My mind tells me that FNV and FO2 are more realistic, but my heart is with the dark, lost immersion from FO3. It is not about what is real, it’s about what your heart feels. Suspension of disbelief creates that. And this I belief makes it so hard for the designers. What makes players tick?
    So no matter what they choose, being a 3 decade gamer, I’ll embrace it. I just have this thing for dystopian style games. Because in the end, when you have story and immersion, the rest is just engine and no matter how well the engine looks, it won’t run without fuel/immersion. So I am a bit disappointed about all the negative comments. This is a FIRST screenshot (unprocessed and textured) and these guys are committed to their gamers, so give them some support, they diserve it. Thumbs up from me.

    (sorry for my english, I am not a native speaker)

  8. color pallet, color pallet, and color pallet! please use the same desaturated “old scifi-book cover” feel as in fallout! or at least add a setting that could apply different filters, to reproduce the feel of popular movies. that way each player can choose the look of mad max or the desert scenes in “Traffic”(mexicali), or even the green tint inside the Matrix.:) Thanks and more power!

  9. Are any of you artists? Game designers? Even in the games industry? Yes, users should have a say, but realize that the most important factors in putting a game together are the team’s collective experiences.

    However, I do agree that a party-based gameplay does cause the player to feel less connected to the action. Unless, of course, there’s one member of the party they can use as their avatar in the game. Players interact in a game as themselves, and preventing their sense of ownership over one character could potentially make the game less immersive, cause the player to have reduced sympathy for the characters and leave them feeling a bit flat. My 2 cents.

    And yes, I work in the games industry.

  10. I gota agree with satan165. It’s about the story. I could care less about the graphics. If they weren’t any better than the original it wouldn’t hurt my feelings. I realize it’s probably necessary from a sales point of view however.

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  12. This looks nothing like post-apocalyptic RPG. Has nothing to do with wasteland and overall as colorful as Krater, which in my opinion ruins this game.
    And yeah squad-based… Boring, mindless grinding for a better gear to suite entire party.
    That what Krater does. It’s fun in the begging but gets pretty annoying really fast.
    I thought that creators of original Fallout would do better that that. But in the end this proves to be another arcade(D3 anyone?).
    Squad-based semi-RPG with cartoon gfx…:(
    Can anyone just remake F1 an F2 with better gfx?! I’ll sell my soul for that one!

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  14. I was and am a great fan of Wasteland (I still played WL sometimes). Now with Fallout 3, my expectation for Wasteland 2 goes very high up. (FO3 is better than FONV cos of random encounters, surprises ie, and whole lot more interesting plots)… I saw the screenshot and was reminded of ‘Jagged Alliance BIA’. JABIA is a great game for its genre, but I am also aware that ‘Hired Guns’ failed.
    Pls be careful in this aspect.
    The greatness of WL and Fallout is really about free-loose style of gameplay, interesting plots, you virtually are living and ‘choosing’ in the game. FO thrives by developing a character from Lvl 1 to like Lvl 75, with tons of interesting perks and attributes and development which the game environment responded to. Now we have a party situation in WL2, I am beginning to wonder about gameplay. How are we going to develop relationship with this mini-army of ours? Do we get to select the mercenaries, to custom make them (eg. to represent us in the game), or will they be like Sulik in F02, have a home, something unique… What about other recruitable NPCs, or are they no NPCs to recruit? And what about talking to these NPCs we got… Do we get talking heads or other cinematics? Or don’t we even get to talk to them… or them talking among themselves?
    Will the Scorpitron also attack nearby wolves or mutants while attacking the party? Will there be many easter eggs, random encounters, funny dramas in the game? Or is it going to be a stucking in a storyline? Are we able to venture in the cities or towns or ruins after the main quests, and what changes from environment will they be after the party finishes the main quests? Will there be a home you can buy like in FO3 and FONV? Will there be opportunities to sell and profit and your money be lost?
    What will happen to Citadel? Is getting the Power Armors easy? How about the weapons? Do we repair them, can we modify them? What are the skills? Speech, weapon repair…?
    Will there be aliens? Will there be ghosts? Will there be interesting cultural items or plots from Asia? Will there be a folk called Zeus? Will there be secret stash, caves, cave behind waterfall, or small patch of paradise?
    Will there be sex, cool lines, maybe even rapping companion? Do you have a post-war cinema, do you still radio for promotion? Are there romance interest?
    If there are merchants, are they travelling and encountered on the routes, are their supplies fixed in the prices, do they sell the same old things everywhere, do we get to barter?
    Skyrim introduces the spouses. I doubt a party can have spouses.
    Will there be a score sheet of what you have killed, what you have done, how famous is your party getting?
    The point is, I really like WL2 to be competitive. I like a lot of great ideas in. I don’t want it to be another shooting, promotion, ‘quests end finish’ type of game. I also like being able to ‘talk’ to the NPCs in the party. Maybe someone can talk… talk about what they feel about the current quests, location, their status, their abilities, and even give hints (subjected to their int level) when we click on them.
    Come on! Give a great game, Bryan! I seriously expect alot from WL2. So all the best!!!

    • Aren’t you getting a bit confused between Fo3/FoNV ?
      Fo3 had a very dull, uninteresting, not-falloutish plot. Whereas NV had a good plot, that could actually belong to an ‘original’ Fallout.

      Anyway, if Wasteland made calls to Fallout fans (because Fallout was, in some regards, inspired by Wasteland), we shan’t forget that they are actually two quite different game.
      I expect Wasteland to look more like Fallout Tactics than any other Fallout (though I think it was said that most characters that may join the party will have their own story and attitude… let’s stay Fallout Tactics, with more important choices, more important characters and actual dialogues).

      I also think houses and wifes don’t have their places in such games. We’re not playing The Sims :) !

      • Maybe but at least its give you something you want to protect and not just destroying :/ But its only me. (I meant to reply about house and wive) (But i admit its sound like hell to program… I meen sure there is probably some easy way to do that but if its going to be made as an after tough, it will be fun for no one so maybe skip it.)

      • Actually Wasteland2 or Fallout or even Skyrim, the whole point is to make the game a great adventure. Wasteland was different from the games at that time was precisely because it wasn’t just shoot and tactics. If I was not wrong, that was the first game I came across you can make a couple of decisions and no one really knows if any event was even connected to the main quest at all. You can instead skip alot of things and go to sewers and find the android.

        The whole beauty about Wasteland and Fallout is simply is they are more ‘free’ but many factors decide the outcomes, such as skills or quests done, that while the main quest is fixed, if you are new to the game, you never know becos choices are alot.

        Hence the motivation to replay.

        Of course… after so many years, I have to hope that when we are playing Wasteland2 especially after Fallout and many games happened, it’d not be only the graphics but the entire gameplay improves with a lot of elements included.

        Now why can’t there be NPCs fighting along with us who are ‘girlfriends’ or ‘wives’? LOL~ Why can’t there be recruitment centre called ‘cafe’ with a list of ‘wives’ to marry and to venture the desert with you?

        I do agree that NPCs should have their own stories… what I am hoping is that the stories of NPCs can be randomly assigned to the NPCs… And each stories can also be broken up into ‘classes’ that can be broken up and be rebuilt into new stories of NPCs, and each classes of stories will trigger different events.

        It’s just like the name of NPCs. Why can’t we have a data bank of first names and second names and randomly combine them into a new name for a NPC?

        Yes. We already have the Sims3. So why not add the successful elements into Wasteland2? Hence, to have many easter eggs.

        I am hoping that rangers will encounter something like in the ‘Ragoon City’ of Resident Evil… LOL~ Why not? It’s a game. We should have more scenes or events from pop cultures.

  15. Post-processing (which isn’t featured in the screenshot) can alter the image to suit users’ taste; see various recent titles which allow one to select between Vibrant/Natural/Boost/Gritty etc.

    It’s awesome that Arizona’s been chosen as a setting! I hope you can depict how the plant life varies with latitude and elevation. Maybe do something with the Central Arizona Project canal. Also super curious to see which city is featured.

    • Graphics and design is not the same thing. Fans here expresses the design choice of an unnaturally colored world, and the cartoony feel it gives. Maturity in Games has nothing to do with graphics. Doom and Diablo are great examples of low level graphics with mature design choices, or obviously Fallout 1 and 2.

      • Well planescape torment to i guess, it was an awesome game and graphic were not is selling point. >.>

      • You’re the crowd that shouldn’t care for neither graphics nor graphic design beyond a point of practicality. If the game looked like an anime I would’ve sympathized with the complains here, but right now it seems like a decent, not-stupid looking game with unintrusive graphics. This is all you need. You don’t want to tell the devs to make it into a lolgrimdark-looking game at the expense of time they could spend creating content and refining the actual gameplay.

        What’s more, this isn’t Fallout 3, this is Wasteland II. The original Wasteland looked like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yzms-rfYdKk&feature=relmfu. I’m assuming this did not matter at all to the crowd who enjoyed it – the crowd who might enjoy it – the same crowd this game caters for. The entire point of Wasteland II is to make a game that revolts against the modern, flawed standards we base our games on. The crowd supporting the game should understand this: by complaining about the graphics being ‘somewhat cartoony’ you are revolting against the philosophy at work here.

  16. The oranges and the greens are what ruin it. the oranges on the sand are too uniform for desert reclaiming tarmac. It should be a less consistent and ruddier gray to reflect the degrading tarmac underneath. The place you see sand that orange is in the high desert, far away from human influence. The cars are also problematic. They would not be bright sand orange. Most would show some rust ( darker ), and some trace of their original color, faded and masked under brown gray dust. By rendering them in rust brown and the sand color, you not only sacrifice realism, but you suck away compelling visible detail

    The greens are also wrong. Cactus greens are grayer and flatter, which sucks the realism right out of the scene, and the radioactive water/goo is what makes it much of the rest look “cartoony”. There is little reason for the green gas/particle effects, and no way they could reasonably be called “realistic”.

    The rest of the assets are not bad a little bit more fading and desaturation of the brightest colors in some spots and you have a very convincing scene. The scorpion looks a bit indistinct, but I’m guessing it would require post processing to make it pop. .. and frankly it looks a lot like a real bark scorpion does, so maybe that’s actually the most appropriate.

  17. By the way… color remember me another game tough… Fallout brotherhood of steel… well graphic were not so bad if i remember correctly but humor was crap and childish, wish it’s wont be as childish. :/

    • Comment’s author: Holy08/13/07 04:21:00 AM老實說….我不知道是處男為什麼會讓人笑倒在地上我沒跟台灣的留學生玩過真心話大冒險, 不過跟外國學生玩過類似的他們也是問我類似的問題(看來全世界的人感興趣的事都一樣 XD , 我也是回答我是處男沒有人笑, 倒是有一個人說了一句話, 讓我們每個人都舉杯致敬…. 有些東西是你曾經擁有, 而一旦失去的就永遠拿不回來, 處男女就是其中之一…. 台灣的夏天真的是又濕又熱….我一直覺得男生適合活在在冬天, 而女生適合活在在夏天男生要穿的好看, 有時要襯衫和外套….夏天完全不行喔….還有要注意鞋子….因為女生 至少外國女生 會注意男生的鞋子我曾經穿過一雙鞋子….前十個稱讚的裡面有九個是女的….剩的那一個是gay….

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  19. For those who find the more vibrant colors too disturbing, just adjust the “color” setting of your TV/monitor and you can make the scene as drab as you like. Problem solved. Everyone is happy! \o/

  20. I feel this looks too cartoony as well. As it looks now it feels similar to Diablo 3, which was a major letdown because of how cartoony it got. Less Diablo style, more Demon’s Souls style.

  21. Looks great folks, I’m impressed! I like the color pallette; I was never a fan of the drained, low-contrast worlds created by so many others. It’s appropriate in the vast, uninhabited wastes, but where people and animals live, there is going to be some color. Nuclear war doesn’t change the molecular structure of things; the sun may bleach dyes and dust may cover many things, but clean water is still blue/green, the sky is blue, plants & radioactive goop are green, etc.

    Many things will be different, but colors still exist; I like what you’ve done with the place! I also like the the isometric view, though I hope we can zoom in and out quite far & make sure that the clothes & equipment we wear reflects on the character models, as it appears to do in the screenshot.

    Looking forward to more progress reports, this is a great way to see a video game get made, very glad I donated!

  22. I’m beyond impressed that you have come this far so fast and happy to see that it has that over top view we all love. But have to as many others express a tingling sense of slight panic over the cartoony feel you instantly get from it. I cannot for the life of me understand why developers now in this space and time seem to take the old classics and make them so saturated colorful. Diablo 1 – gritty epic, still looks awesome today, Diablo 2 more color not nearly as evil looking as the first, Diablo 3 wow cartoony ultra colorful and not in the same universe as the first one in feel and dramatic look. And now X-COM.. Why in god name have they made it 100% cartoony? I could have done anything for them to have chosen a more serious way. And now you guys to? :( ((( Please make this world harsh and rough looking. I don’t say it shouldn’t be arias with vegetation, plants and cool stuff, just don’t make it so sugar plum rainbowy. We who have waited for this game aren’t 13 and buy everything that’s blinks and flashes, we are grown up, I have looked at the fallout 1 and 2 screens for hundreds of hours and don’t get depressed in the slightest by that world. The realistic feel it what makes it so easy to get drawn in to it.
    Once again totally like how the game seems to be played and can’t wait to install it. PLEASE just make some sharp angels and give it a raw mature feel. Promise, even the new audience you are looking for will love a more adult touch to it =)!

    Love you guys, can’t say how much I’m looking forward to this one!

  23. I am shocked at so many people disliking this picture just right out of the gate. I would like to stress that a “gritty, dirty, or depressing” landscape neither makes a good game nor a realistic picture of a post apocalyptic environment. Fallout 3 was nice for a while but the “grey” got old for me fast. A real post-radiated world can only be speculated at. Instead lets look at some areas that HAVE been irradiated and humans have left, like the area around Chernobyl. They are green and lush and look a lot like the natural area did before humans showed up. Example:

    Its also PRE-alpha so chill

  24. I really like it. If this were how the finished game looked, I´d be very happy. So seeing this after so short a time is really cool. It does not look cartoony or too cheerful to me.

  25. Yeah, it also looks too cartoony for such a game to me. Particularly, there’s too much ’roundedness.’ Perhaps when more detailed environmental textures and objects get added it will help… I hope. I am also hoping that the menu and character picture layer will help with this — and not create a conflicting visual style.

    Good luck.

  26. I personally like the the vibrant and diverse colours. Civilization as we know it may end with a nuclear apocalypse but the world will go on – plants and animals will not only survive but likely thrive with the absence of human interference. The use of colour helps convey the feeling of a living dynamic world. Colour doesn’t mean its not a hostile and dangerous place. Certainly there will be areas in the game where a more subdued colour pallet is appropriate, but too much grey and brown becomes visually boring.

    Given that this is a very early image I fully expect the style to be tweaked and the quality to improve. Good work guys!

  27. At first I thought wow! but after a minute or so, I thought it was too bright, too cartoonish. We’re in a post nuclear world, things should be grim and gritty, dirty, depressing, reflecting the moral of the survivors. Darn, I wouldnt feel happy in such a world. They need courage, everything single day, to see till the end of the day.
    Here, it looks like we are in a kiddy video game, or circus, or your average toy’r US.
    It shouldn’t be bright and shiny like “wow, today is a great day! let’s rise and shine and kick some mutant’s ass!”. It should be more like “I don’t feel to well today, the radiation keeps killing me, but we need to get out and kill some zombies, they’re getting closer every single day. It need to be done”.
    I want to share what the characters are experiencing. I want to feel despair, and struggle with them. Sometiimes find some piece of working machinery and be thrilled. But mostly I want to struggle as if every single fight could be my last one.
    Here it’s like Disney Land.

  28. My opinion in the “cartoony”/”comicy”-debate:

    First off, the colours. I love a game depicting the post-apocalypse with saturated colours that dares to show that even the most horrific future can still be a colourful and vibrant place. It gives the game more depth. For example, the sand in the desert should be brightly orange to make it feel really hot, I hope the post-processing will help this even more! Dull and almost grey sand does not help any post-apocalyptic feeling, it just makes the game feel visually boring. The post-apocalyptic feeling is created by putting old and broken props into a landscape which has been, since the apocalypse, reigned by nature. Combining this with a vivid colour palette sounds great!

    Other than the colours, I’m not sure what what’s so “comicy”. I read complaints about the ladder. Sure, the ladder feels off and over-sized. But that’s just one prop, it could have been thrown into the scene just for the sake of filling out the screenshot. Other than the ladder, I can’t see anything weird or “too unrealistic” at all.

    “Comicy”/”cartoony” is in my opinion a terrible and overused word nowadays. It gets thrown around the moment something isn’t ultra-realistic, dark, gritty and torn asunder with bad post-processing. It’s a sad trend among gamers, making games look the same boring way by ruling out expressive visuals.

    Lastly, Wasteland 1 is a very colourful game featuring quite bizarre character portraits. This game is, judging from this VERY EARLY screenshot, honouring it’s graphical style in a modern way. Let’s keep it that way.

    Go on inXile, you’re doing great!

    Love from Sweden,

  29. i have not played a new PC game since the early 90s. i could care less about fancy animation, in fact, it scares me that it would intimidate me in playing the game. the simplicity of wasteland is what i loved – i know that was a limitation of the platform at the time but the story is what continues to have me hooked so many years later. this looks great to me – in regard to comments that it looks ‘comicy’, im not concerned with that.

  30. The first sentence that comes to mind when looking at that screenshot is “You cannot do that.” There are two reasons for that.
    1. The screenshot looks very comicy and not at all like a post-nuclear apocalypse filled with unnatural horrors and unimaginable monstrosities. In fact it reminds me of the 1990s adventure style games where you would do things like “USE gun ON parrot” and you would hear the most use sentence in the game: You cannot do that.
    2. Because of 1, you cannot do that!

    I really hope that when post-processing and dramatic effects are put in we will see the soul crushing destruction of a world without hope that we so love about this genre.


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