Even politicians agree that Kickstarter is awesome.

I just read an article on President Obama’s Jobs Act getting bipartisan support and being signed into law.  When the Obama White House AND the House Republicans can agree on something it is a pretty big deal.  While the bill is not just about Kickstarter, it is about small companies, like inXile, turning to the internet to get funding that they need to grow and create jobs.  I know a lot of you are involved in this project mostly because you are excited about the game, but seeing the news today about this Jobs Bill reminded me of some of the real impact this Kickstarter will have on the lives of the people that will be working hard the next 18 months to make the game.

All of the money we raise through Kickstarter is being spent on making the game.  Most of the cost of development is in paying for the team to create the game.  There will be a team of engine programmers, game-play programmers, UI engineers, character artists, environment artists, animators, effects artists, UI Artists, sound designers, composers, writers, game designers, systems designers, level scripters, and testers.  Not to mention all the interns it will take to handle the mailing out of the physical goods.  It is simple math that the bigger this budget gets, the more jobs it will create.  The bigger the team, the deeper and bigger the game gets.  If you want a deeper and larger game, and we think that you do, you want us to raise as much money as possible to spend on the game.

Did I just hear all 41,000+ of you say ‘How can we help?’

I am glad you asked!!

One thing you will notice in that list of potential jobs above is that nowhere in that list do you see ‘Marketing Lady’ or ‘PR Guy’.  That is because we don’t have these positions, nor do we plan to hire them.  We want to spend the money on the game, and only the game.

This is where you come in…

All 41,000+ of you are our marketing and PR team.  We need your help to get the word out that the Kickstarter countdown is on.

  • Post to your Facebook pages with links back to the Kickstarter.
  • Follow @BrianFargo on twitter and retweet my Wasteland related tweets.
  • Post it to forums where you think it is relevant.
  • Send emails out to everyone you know.
  • Go to our website and put our Doomsday countdown clock on your website.
  • Get a friend or family member to buy in.
  • Shout it from the rooftop.
  • Do some early shopping for Christmas 2013!

If every person who has pledged manages to get one more person to buy in for $15, we will increase the budget by over $600,000.  You can help the project in very tangible ways by helping us get the word out.

Lastly, I am very excited to release the first official piece of Wasteland 2 concept art.  We asked the very talented Andree Wallin to help us establish the look and feel of the Desert Rangers.  I think this image speaks for itself…


The Desert Rangers



Help make this game 100% Fan-Funded, tell others:

32 thoughts on “Even politicians agree that Kickstarter is awesome.

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  4. After I bought and played fallout 2 back in the 90′s, I went out and bought fallout 1. Both were legendary games, far ahead of there time. I wish I would have known about the whole kickstart thing but I am glad to see that you guys raised enough money. I look forward to buying Wasteland II. The bethesda sequels, while graphically rich, lacked the magic of the original fallout games and I was kinda disappointed. I hope you guys continue the tradition of hidden jokes/easter eggs that were worked into fallout 1 & 2.

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  6. Please PLEASE make this a plot-centered game like the first Wasteland, not just another brain-dead RPG or first person view fantasy adventure. I loved the story development, the weird twists, but most of all how, as piece by piece came together and you got further along, it all gradually added up to an awesome story. Please let this be more of that. Loved the journal!!!

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      • I hope that vietnam era picture/ranger makes it in the game the desert was not so windy then in Wasteland just hot and in some places white hot as in Mr. Radiation! Whats with all the wind in the first place! The Ranger wore the outfit to stay cool in heat! Why do you need a ski mask also!

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  12. I hear you on the Jobs act. I actually was part of one of the first companies to champion the crowdfunding act. Sadly it’s no longer running. But I’m glad it’s helping out people such as yourselves. The game sounds awesome, by the way :)

  13. Allready on it. Have been for a while.

    There are some that shall remain nameless that have recently violated player trust and fanbase loyalty… well. More than usually.

    I dont mind asking them to reconsider their commitment to people who apparently take them, the loyal fans, for granted, if not for plebs and idiots. If nothing else the success of this Kickstarter drive will make people think hard about violating gamer trust and loyalty.

    Its a tribute to both the Wastland IP, to Fargo, and especially the fans who have donated, that the Kickstarter drive has been so successfull. It proves that trust, loyalty, originality and good storyelling is what makes or breaks a game.

    Proud to support you guys.

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  15. Thought I’d post this here as well:

    I don’t know… I do like the art and think that it looks cool but the rest of the update was just kind of… underwhelming. I would hope that each and every one would generate excitement about what’s going into the game not how many people will have jobs because of this. Again, the update itself isn’t bad because it just means more of a game we want to see but at this point I’d hope we would actually see or hear about more of it than just one picture. I guess I was hoping for something more than a jobs report.
    Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the fact that Kickstarter projects mean more employment for game makers and am very happy so many will be working because of this (and other similar projects).

    • You do realize they won’t start working on the game before the project is funded, right ?

      Just like DFA, just like Shadow Run…

      Having an amazing concept art is already more than I expected !
      While I agree there should have been a little more in this update, than just talking about the jobs act, you can’t ask them to show anything since it’s not done yet !

      I’m sure there will be some surprises in the future updates, to stimulate the potential backers.

      • I know that nothing has officially begun since the Kickstarter began. However, you do know that they worked on this for a year and tried to sell it to publishers? So, I believe they have more to show than one picture. By show I mean maybe some design docs, etc. not just pictures. It doesn’t have to be much. Just a few of them talking design ideas, what makes a good cRPG, etc. Something about the game itself not how many people it will employ. Please don’t get me wrong, I believe this will be a huge success and excellent cRPG but I want it even bigger and better. To get that more funding is needed and to generate that funding they need to spark more interest.

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