Wasteland 2 is 100% Fan Funded!

Wasteland 2 was officially 100% fan funded after only 42 hours and 30 minutes!

Help make this game 100% Fan-Funded, tell others:

29 thoughts on “Wasteland 2 is 100% Fan Funded!

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  2. Delighted with how successful this kickstarter has been, Wasteland was one of the defining games of my high school years, and I’m proud to be a supporter of the development of Wasteland 2!

  3. My friend told me about this, so I went & funded it. Like many folk here, Wasteland was one of my favorite C64 games when I was younger, along with The Bard’s Tale and other Interplay titles. I’m more excited about Wasteland 2 than any game in the past couple decades. I like games such as Skyrim & Fallout 3, but in many ways they are lacking those qualities the old Interplay RPGs had. If anyone can revive the classic RPG it’s Fargo & inXile. I just hope this is the first of many similarly funded games to come.

  4. Can’t wait to hear more details about Wasteland 2. I understand you want to spend six months for pre-development, but laying down some more basic ideas about the game now will help cement more supporters — resulting in a better game later.

  5. There are a couple of comments here regarding lack of different payment options, so I thought I’d briefly explain the reasoning Kickstarter has for this.

    Kickstarter has very specific demands on a payment processor because of how it works. When you decide to back a project, your money isn’t paid immediately. Instead you make a promise to pay the money at the funding deadline, if and only if the project has reached its funding goal. That way you know that your money only goes to projects that have the money they need proceed.

    Most payment processors don’t let you register delayed, conditional payments like that. According to Kickstarter, they can only work with Amazon. That may or may not be true, but it’s a fact that many popular payment processors like PayPal don’t operate that way.

    But if you’re having trouble with paying, you can look into buying a pre-paid credit card. How and where you get those is probably very different from area to area, but they are a solution if you don’t have a regular credit card. There is some more info about how to do this in the FAQ at the bottom of the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter project page.

  6. Wasteland had quite an impact on my life… It was way back where I had much time, and I played it for over a year. Had to see everything… Loved it so much… and still love it!
    I even created a pen-and-paper version out of it, and gamemastered lots of wasteland sessions … I think I still have some nice stories if needed…
    … If there is anything i can help you with the game, just let me know. I can handle most tools quite well.

    best regards from munich

  7. Just have to say WONDERFUL!! im old school pc gamer and ofc i played wasteland (C-64) and i never forget the game (still play it time to time on EMU) That this actually happends is even more wonderful. Can understand the *dream* Brian had about a wasteland 2 im very glad he get the shot to do this. I can imagine how it is to try get something done with the big companies…

    So cool he has us the community old school playerbase etc to cough it up.

    Last but not least to Brian and inXile hope your dream turns out just as you wanted it to do, I dont belive a split second either the fanbase will not be thrilled in the end.

    //From Sweden

  8. I am so happy I could not be more thrilled. I was wondering is there any chance down the line for a PS3 or Xbox 360 port. I would change how much I spent on KickStarter if I knew in the future I could download the game to either of those systems.

    • 42 hours is a great number. Douglas Adams was psychic. Deep Thought said the meaning of life the universe and everything was 42. What she was talking about was how long it would take to fund this game! Where is my towel…….

  9. You guys will have my money when a console/handheld version is available. In the meantime, good luck and congratulations! Hope it turns out a classic!

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  11. Congratulations, guys. I’m more than happy to see that while the big game industry is losing its spirit there are still gamers who make games for gamers.
    Thanks. Without Wasteland on the C64 I wouldn’t be doing artwork for games now.

  12. This game is going to be the Fallout we never got to play after Interplay tanked. Here is to Brian and his vision.

    Now the agonizing wait begins. The awesome thing is that by next October my kid will be 2 and fully able to use an IPad. You see where I’m going with this ?

  13. Good news!
    Russia loves wasteland! But as for me, right now I try to find a way to take part in donation, cause existing schemes are something new for me. Anyway, why don’t you take webmoney? It’s very bad that you don’t, you know.

  14. Hopefully the 1.5 million goal will be reached. I really really want it on Mac.

    On another note, I know Fallout is the spiritual successor to Wasteland, but for some reason, Fallout Tactics reminded me more of Wasteland than all the other Fallout games.

  15. I’ve been looking for a game like this since 1994 when games of this style started to wane in the gaming market.
    I’m so glad that so many people are behind Wasteland 2 and I hope this will set a new standard for future games.

    Thank you to all those who funded this game and thank you to InXile for provided us the opportunity at a sequel to one of the greatest games of all time.

  16. This whole campaign is a great token of trust to you. Also, like I’ve written in the comments to Kickstarter update 1, I’d be honored to help with the RU localization, should you feel like doing it.


  17. Its funny how ithis whole project wouldnt be founded by big business but ppl could pull it off in 42hrs. Guess we made them wrong :P

    Problem is that only “the most profitable” types of games (FPP, real time ) are being made and so we are forced to play/buy them. Then those 10yo_mentality execs (no offense to 10yos) can only conclude that since we BOUGHT theose games and/or played them – well then they were right all along ;]

    And actually they were – gaming industry is only interested in making profit – thats how the business works, and it had worked in this manner time and time again.

    So I’m very happy that this whole thing took off and we made it – because this is the right way. This is IMHO the only business model that would work for making inteligent_before_profitable game right now and hopefully this is only the beginning.

    This is future.

  18. Congratulations! If you get a few million total, can we expect a game with the flexibility and unique/difficult choices found in a the Fallout/Wasteland world and the massive scale of a Baldur’s Gate type of game!? I can dream at least!

    I for one am very excited to see how this turns out. If you need someone to proofread, edit, or write anything, I would be happy to help!

    I saw a comment At Kickstarter by someone who would like the game to be very mod friendly. I would like to second that!

  19. Congrats and thanks to all those backers out there, and of course to you magnificent bastards at inXile! We may have just given CRPG’s a future.

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